Investment Process

To start the process, the company should send a full business plan to, and Andrea will start discussions. As this is a formal process, there will be commercial and financial diligence undertaken, and OCC will look to work closely with the other potential investors. This approach is cost-effective for investment activity in this sector.

Once the assessment is complete, the Investment Committee will require a company presentation before making a decision. If positive, Andrea will complete the transaction. OCC will look for standard legal documentation for a transaction of this nature. OCC does not charge an arrangement fee, but in line with normal market practice, expects the investee company to pay its legal costs.

On completion of the investment, OCC will work closely with the investee company, and may appoint a non-executive director and /or appoint an observer to the board. OCC will look to receive rights similar to other investors’ i.e. monthly management information and commercial updates.